Christian Deism

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The Christian Deist path is a sensible way to respect the mystery of God without getting lost in mysticism or doctrine. It's a simple religion (simple enough for Jesus's early followers) that dissents from modern orthodox Christianity on several key points.

The best introduction to Christian Deism is John Lindell's excellent website it explains the core concepts succinctly and elegantly. This is a personal path and we have no "churches" or established "priests". All Christian Deists are equal and must stand before God on their own.

I would like to see the movement grow in prominence, not by pursuing or brainwashing "followers" but by convincing people who are open to its ideas. Fundamentalist and hyper-political churches are growing, as is the "angry atheist" movement. Many of us who cannot accept either of these worldviews can feel lonely and spiritually homeless, even though self-proclaimed "nones" are on the rise. I believe that many of these "nones" are Christian Deists, and I think that many people might be happy and relieved to know that they are not alone in their beliefs.

-Robert Brudos, 2013